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Take Advantage Of Your 27-hour Days

I've had some late nights recently.

Actually, I stay up late all the time, putting-off sleep in a form of procrastination that (ironically) allows me to do more.  That's the general idea anyway...

I'm interested in the mood, drama, and color inherent in artificial light, especially when it plays out in ways that those who placed the lights didn't likely anticipate.

While I'm very surprised at how well my 1DsMkIII renders scenes in low-light, these images have also allowed me to experiment with HDR, with which I've never had much success in the past.

HDR images have always seemed to have a plastic-like quality to them, much like a 3D CG-rendering.  Turns out all they need is a little coaxing after converting the HDR images back to 8-bit...