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Fortune Small Business story

Last month I was assigned to photography Black Diamond exec Peter Metcalf and his QA manager, Kolin Powick, on an early morning climb up the south ridge of Mt. Superior (11,132') for a feature story in Fortune Small Business magazine.  We also shot several BD employee/climbers testing winter gear high on Hidden Peak, and taking test-falls on their own gear in Big Cottonwood Canyon.









Super fun shoot!  I had along a great assistant (photographer/climber Paul Richer), who helped me lug around the heavy 4x5, 8x10, & digital equipment.

Plus, the BD guys were all great to work with.  I've got a lot of outdoor gear, much of it made and/or designed by Black Diamond right here in Salt Lake City, so it was fun talking with Peter about the history of his company and his optimism for its future.

Check out the article written by Jonathan Blum in this month's issue (Nov, '08) of Fortune Small Business!