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Spiral Jetty

Travelled out to the Great Salt Lake last weekend to see Robert Smithson's 'Spiral Jetty'.  Being my first visit (not counting the times I've flown over it), it was only natural that I first see it and photograph it at night.  That is, I seem to have a penchant for first visiting landmark locations while at night.  For example, I made three trips to photograph Delicate Arch before finally seeing it in daylight.  The same could be said of Mt. Timpanogos, Lone Peak cirque, and many others. Seeing a natural (or manmade) form for the first time in the dim star- or moon-light adds a dimension of mystery.  It's as though the brain hasn't quite resolved everything, leaving more room for the imagination to run free.  Mountain walls loom taller overhead, sandstone arches feel thoroughly lunar, and a singular spiral jetty in the desert evokes extraterrestrials.

Unfortunately, my beloved Subaru blew out its turbo-charger on the way home, making these photos worth at least $1,500 :)