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Teton Aerials

The only artwork above my office desk is a small print from one of my greatest inpirations, Bradford Washburn, whose accomplishments spanned the fields of photography, mountaineering, cartography, and science (making him an instant hero in my book :).  However, he is perhaps best known for his richly-toned black & white aerial images from the great mountain ranges of the world - including Alaska and the Alps - which he shot from open airplane doors at high altitude on 8x10 large format equipment.  Simply amazing. Anyway, in the spirit of aerial photography, earlier this week Marie and I flew into the Teton Range with my friend Tom.  Since I grew up in nearby Idaho Falls, and have spent a great deal of time climbing and exploring these peaks, seeing it all from altitude and bathed in beautiful evening light made the experience heavenly.  Here's some of what we saw: